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What is a Mindcrumb

A mindcrumb is a daily journal entry for capturing your up-to-date thoughts on a specific journey toward learning a certain skill or embarking on a new life experience. It could also be a completed task from our library of learning resources. Mindcrumbs are smart and they will get smarter the more you keep up with your journaling routine.

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Declutter your mind and share your progress with others

Consistently journal down your learning progress on Mindcrumb. This allows you to easily solicit feedback from experts and to attract other students who are on the same learning journey.


Learn systematically while tracking your #milestones

Track your #milestones and other metrics such as #lessons and #failures. This makes it easier to analyze your progress and stay motivated on your journeys.


Made For Learning

Mindcrumb is your go to place for starting learning journeys and exploring other interesting ones.

Connect With Other Learners

Share your progress with other learners on the site. Invite your friends to start their journeys and keep each other accountable and motivated.

Get Feedback From Experts

Connect with experts on the site who will give you feedback on your journal entries. Invite your teachers and mentors to join and follow your progress.

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