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Receive Expert Feedback on Your Learning Journeys

We make it easy to find coaches who will not only provide you with courses and action plans but also regular feedback on your progress. This is the single most important feature to cut your learning time and quickly get you to an advanced level. Every coach offers a free assessment to ensure mutual compatibility.

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Track Your Progress

You can’t improve what you can’t track! The core of Mindcrumb is to systematically journal your progress in order to experiment with different approaches and plan your next actions. With one click of a button, you can extract and visualize all the lessons, problems and milestones from your journey.


Share Your Milestones with the World

Mindcrumb is an action-based learning platform that rewards students for completing projects and sharing their lessons and setbacks. The more progress you share, the more influence you build and the more feedback you receive to keep you going.


Learn Immersively

Our AI system will constantly connect you with journeys similar to yours in order to help you stay motivated and to bounce ideas with other students. The sense of comradery and competition turns learning into a fun game rather than a dreaded chore.

Build an Audience

Grow your influence in the areas you are learning by sharing your lessons and milestones and engaging with other similar journeys to yours. This helps you build a following on Mindcrumb as well as on social media.

Monetize Your New Skills

The future generation of coaches are learners such as yourself. We make the process of transitioning from a student into a paid coach very seamless especially if you were diligent in sharing your successes, failures and milestones early on. Teaching others is not only monetarily rewarding but also a crucial step to master any skill.

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