For Coaches

Mindcrumb was created by online coaches and teachers such as yourself after years of research and experimentation on how to gain a competitive advantage in your teaching career. Check out our FAQ to discover all the amazing free features of Mindcrumb that will delight your students and provide them with the best learning experience.

For Students

Mindcrumb provides a multimedia platform for documenting your learning journeys in order to collaborate with learning partners and get feedback from coaches and teachers.

Consistently journaling down your learning progress allows you to easily solicit feedback from coaches and to attract other students who are on the same learning journey. Having a full history of your learning journeys makes it easy for an expert to triage any blind spots that are holding you back from progressing.

If your goal is to teach the subject you mastered, then sharing your journeys from the very beginning gives you better credibility and keeps you relatable to your audience, as they can clearly see how you were once a beginner just as they are now.

Mindcrumb also helps you stay motivated on your journey as you are able to share new milestones that you reach and build a fan base for yourself.

With Mindcrumb, you can treat your learning journeys like an experimental lab where you can systematically track any variables you choose (e.g. setbacks, lessons learned, checklists, milestones...etc.) and tweak your actions as you see fit. Moreover, with one click of a button, you can extract the relevant bits and pieces from all journeys on the site that you’re interested in; this allows you to learn about how others successfully overcame the same problems that you’re facing and thus better navigate your own journeys.

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