1.0 Starting a New Learning Journey

How to use Mindcrumb to embark on a new learning journey and make it easier to experiment and navigate through it. Learn how to track your progress and share your milestones.

2.0 Navigating your Profile

Your Mindcrumb profile consists of your introduction, your journeys, journeys that you follow and learning resources that you have created. Share your profile with friends and mentors for a quick snapshot inside your systematic learning mind.

3.0 Navigating your Home Feed

One of the key features of Mindcrumb is immersing you with like-minded journeys. Your home feeds consists of the latest entries from the journeys that you follow as well as our personalized recommendations. It's also a great way to give feedback and learn from others by endlessly scrolling through your feed.

4.0 Soliciting Feedback

Another key feature of Mindcrumb is the ability to solicit regular feedback from learners and experts. Feedback speeds up your progress and corrects mistakes quickly before they develop into bad habits that are hard to break.

5.0 Mindcrumb's Learning Resource Library

Mindcrumb hosts a growing library of useful resources that help guide you on your journeys. Add as many resources as you like to your journeys to eliminate the guess-work and keep you going with strong momentum. Resources are also a great way to discover new interesting journeys and easily solicit direct feedback from the resource creators.

6.0 Planning Your Journey Using Resources

Resources on Mindcrumb are very versatile. You can create your own resources in the planning phase of your journey in order to track any articles or videos to examine as well as any recipes and drills to follow. They are also a great way to collaborate with other learners by following the same customized learning material.

7.0 The Expert Experience and Monetization

This demo is specifically for experts who would like to monetize their skills. This can be done through selling courses, providing feedback and hosting a premium journey. If you believe you are a qualified expert who loves to learn and guide others, then please fill out this form.