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Welcome to my mentorship page!

Hey everyone, Sycra Yasin here and this is my Mindcrumb page! If you know me, you know I like to make the pointy art. Now, with your help, I can make more art!

For a start, if you join my membership tiers on Mindcrumb, I can bring back my Pointy Chins series, where I guide you through my art journey, including all the successes and failures, and some tips and tricks on how to avoid some of the pitfalls in art.

Students will also get to see art I haven't shown anywhere else, in fancy high resolution!

It will be amazing if you can help me to create more of the art I love.

Thank you!!!

Sycra's Secret Sketches
$1 per month

Hey, thanks for the support! You'll get access to my member-only database of hi-res images, including never-before seen artwork and all the sketches shown in the popular Pointy Chins videos!

Pointy Chins Videos
$5 per month

Along with access to my sketches, you'll be able to watch brand new episodes of POINTY CHINS, uploaded at the beginning of each month, where I take you by the hand through my art journey, the good and bad, all so you can learn from my mistakes, or maybe just have fun seeing my progress ( or lack thereof ).

Includes access to 1 member only course
Paintover Critiques
$15 per month
1 spots remaining!

Sign up for a once-a-month critique of one of your drawings or paintings! I'll do a drawover or paintover of your work and explain what I'm doing and why I think it could help you. Originally I was thinking I would answer specific questions, but I think it's better if I just do a paintover and correct what I think needs most work. Basically you're borrowing my eyeballs and experience to help propel your work to the next level. Once I've done your critique, I will comment on your Mindcrumb entry with the feedback (text or video).

Includes access to 1 member only course
Includes regular feedback to your journey's entries
Private Mentorship
$40 per month
Sold Out!

Along with all previous rewards, you will receive one-on-one monthly mentorship with me for an hour on either Google Hangouts or Skype. Whether you want some advice on your portfolio, a personal critique on your art, some tips on how to improve your work, or just feel a little lost and need some direction, we can work together to get you on track.

Includes access to 1 member only course
Includes regular feedback to your journey's entries
Sold Out