For Coaches

What coaching tools do I have access to with Mindcrumb?

Mindcrumb offers coaches and teachers the following tools:

  • Membership site with multiple pricing tiers for students to choose from
  • Space for you to share updates, videos and assignments to better engage your students
  • Free hosting for all of your courses
  • A journal for each student to share their progress and assignment results with you and with other students
  • Social home feed that allows you to provide feedback to some of your paying students
  • Private messaging with priority access to some of your paying students
  • We handle recurring payments, disputes, refunds so that you can focus on coaching and teaching
  • Extensive training for coaches as well as a mastermind group for them to bounce ideas together and support each other
  • Personal concierge! Yes, a real person whom you will get to know very well and who will guide you every step of the way in order to help you build a successful coaching career

My biggest issue with coaching is struggling to find students who are the right fit for me. How can Mindcrumb help me with that?

Helping you find students who are the right fit for your coaching style is one of the top reasons we created Mindcrumb. The way we achieve this is through the following:

  • New students who are just starting out on their journey will get to check the free content on your page before applying for coaching.
  • If the new students are still on the fence, then they get to complete your free assessment to determine mutual compatibility before applying for coaching.
  • We provide students with space to track their journeys in order to follow and engage with other students who are similar to them. As a result, like minded students will be able to discover some of your feedback on their friend’s pages which encourages those new students to reach out to you and sign up for your coaching.
  • Our AI system will regularly recommend your coaching services to students who are similar to your existing students. We do this through analyzing the keywords, the follower list and the resources on student pages. This allows us to better match students with the right coaches.
  • As a coach, you are welcome to sift through the publicly shared student journeys on the site in order to engage with them or assess compatibility.

I only go after high ticket clients so is Mindcrumb still a good option?

Sure! You are free to charge whatever price you like for each membership tier and you are free to change your prices at any point. We always recommend you provide multiple tiers (see next question) that can work for any budget, but if you’re only interested in supporting high ticket clients then that is easily doable.

I understand that the goal of Mindcrumb is to cater to any budget, but wouldn’t that take more of my time while giving me less earning potential?

Not at all!

First of all you are in control of how many students are in each membership tier and you are in control of what type of engagement you’d like to provide. An example of a low priced tier could be simply giving students access to premium content (such as more detailed posts or courses) both of which don’t require any ongoing engagement or additional time commitment. As a result, you wouldn’t have to limit the number of students in such tiers and your earning potential will passively grow as long as you provide high quality content. This is like a nice bonus income that won’t hog your time and will delight your students (especially those who can’t afford your services but still like to support you for all the free content you put out there).

Another good reason to provide lower priced tiers in addition to your regular coaching calls is a matter of price economics. Students who are still on the fence on whether to buy your coaching sessions will get a chance to gradually ease into higher priced tiers rather than dismissing your services all together due to the more expensive price tag. So now you have an opportunity to convert those students rather than lose them. We also make it easier for them to upgrade memberships in the future with just one click of a button.

Other higher priced tiers such as the ones requiring you to follow your students’ journal entries and give them regular feedback when they post are a great way to fill the gaps for students in between private coaching calls or sessions. We also make it extremely easy for you to provide them with feedback where all you need to do is scroll through your home feed and comment on their posts. Think of it as an extra “one on one” session that multiple students are splitting its cost together which makes it more affordable to all of them on the long term.

Finally, the lack of regular feedback is one of the main reasons students give up on learning so providing the feedback option as an add-on in between sessions actually helps you retain more students on the long term which in turn will significantly improve your earnings.

How do I fit Mindcrumb amongst other social media apps that I already use such as Instagram and Youtube?

Instagram and Youtube are perfect mediums to share your free content so that prospective students can get a taste of what your paid services will look like and to assess if you are the right coach for them. It’s also a great way to grow your audience due to their popularity.

You will still be able to find new students directly from the Mindcrumb user base, but it is a newer platform than Youtube and Instagram so utilizing all 3 platforms is ideal.

We recommend that you regularly let your audience on social media know that you are offering coaching services on Mindcrumb. This can be achieved in a few ways:

  • Add links to your mindcrumb profile in your social media bios and Youtube video descriptions.
  • Post snippets from your premium Mindcrumb posts on social media (e.g. Instagram story) and include a link to your profile so students can follow you there.
  • If you are active on Youtube, then ending your videos with a call to action for your students to head to your Mindcrumb profile will maximize your chances of converting more students.

I am already pretty popular on Instagram and Youtube with over 50K followers. How would I benefit from using Mindcrumb without taking too much of my time?

First of all congratulations on building a large audience, we know it takes time and it’s an indication that you are sharing high quality content. Even if you don’t intend to offer any one on one sessions or provide regular feedback to your users, you can still utilize Mindcrumb to get paid without spending any extra time coaching.

Mindcrumb allows you to share premium content such as posts or courses that only members of your paid membership tiers can access. This is a great way to offer a paid service without the time commitment of scheduling coaching calls or providing feedback.

If you are still hesitant about providing more time intensive coaching services, then remember that you can set the price that you like as well as the maximum number of students who can sign up for such services.

Can I host courses on Mindcrumb? How much does it cost?

Yes and it’s completely free! As a matter of fact, instead of “courses” we prefer to name them “action plans” since we provide a space for your students to share their work and optionally solicit feedback from your self and other students who sign up for the same course.

I already have a course hosted somewhere else, can I import it to Mindcrumb?

Yes! Just email us at and we will be happy to import it for you.

I don’t have time to engage with my students or give them feedback on assignments or journal entries. Why would I use Mindcrumb?

You are free to offer membership tiers that solely include premium posts or courses so engagement with students won’t be required. This is a great way to make some passive income and offer your audience a chance to support you for all the wonderful free content you post.

Is it really free for coaches to host their courses and other premium content?

Yes there really are no costs for creating a premium coaching profile or hosting courses on Mindcrumb.

I see the value in using Mindcrumb as a coach or a teacher. But what benefits do I get from having my students track their learning journeys on there?

Before we delve through the answer, I will share the 3 ingredients that we believe are needed for anyone to master any subject:

  1. Theory: This is the information obtained from books, courses, posts, classroom...etc.
  2. Immersion: Surrounding yourself with like minded students whom you can learn from and whom can help you stay motivated in moments where you are about to quit.
  3. Regular Feedback: Here is where coaches are needed to provide guidance to students in various forms (coaching sessions or feedback on journal entries).

When students track their learning in their Mindcrumb journeys, we will be able to match them with other similar students who are learning the same subject and they will be able to follow each other. This fulfills the "immersion ingredient" above. You also have the option to follow them and provide them with feedback and that fulfills the "feedback ingredient".

One of the most common reasons students tend to give up on learning a new skill is when they lack or can’t afford any of the above 3 ingredients. We ultimately created Mindcrumb to help students stick to learning forever which in turn will flourish your job as a coach.

What are the benefits of using a membership type site as opposed to just charging for individual coaching calls?

Mindcrumb has been designed to help students stick to their learning journeys for the long term.

As a result, we believe the membership model will ensure that commitment from their end. This is especially true for students who are just starting out in learning a new skill and who are going through what we call “the pain period” of having doubts and troubles about whether they are cut out for learning that skill.

For coaches though, the membership model will help you generate a more predictable stream of income.

I already have a lot of students whom I coach regularly. Why would I still use Mindcrumb?

Mindcrumb provides your students with a community to track their progress and to discover other students who are also being coached by you. We strongly believe that one of the key ingredients of learning anything new is surrounding yourself with like minded learners who are on the same journey. This makes learning fun, as your students will be able to see how they are progressing compared to each other and even become real life friends which will encourage them to not give up on their journey.

My biggest issue right now is that I’m failing to convince my students to sign up for my paid coaching packages after having a free introductory coaching call. How would Mindcrumb help me convert more students?

There are a variety of reasons you might be struggling with converting students to your paid services. A few to name are:

  • Your paid services are beyond the price range of your target audience
  • Failure to make a convincing sales call to action at the end of the introductory call

The tiered membership model that Mindcrumb utilizes aims to solve both problems by easing those students who are still on the fence to try the less expensive membership tiers before upgrading to your more expensive offerings.

It’s also recommended to regularly provide free content to students, especially if you have a smaller following or you are still establishing your brand amongst your crowd. When the time is right and the students are fully sold on your coaching, we make it easy for them to instantly purchase/downgrade or upgrade any of your services by clicking the “Become a Student” button that is highlighted on your profile. Essentially we are making the sales call on your behalf.

My conversion rate during free calls is already pretty high. What would I benefit from Mindcrumb?

Congratulations! This is a great indication that both the quality of your services and your price ranges are accessible to your students. What Mindcrumb adds to your already great services, is improving the long term commitment of your students to their learning journey.

Whenever we learn a new subject, we go through alternating phases of learning new techniques followed by periods of practice. The duration of each phase will vary between students.

Students generally seek coaches when they are just starting out or are struggling to learn new techniques. After finally grasping the techniques, students tend to take their time to practice what they’ve learned on their own without the help of the coach due to the generally expensive price of private lessons. However, the students end up missing a lot of feedback and guidance during the “practice phase” which could lead them to quit learning all together. They might also power through it and decide to get assistance from a new coach at a later time.

To avoid that problem with Mindcrumb, we provide students with a journal to independently track their progress thus making it easy for you to provide them with written feedback in between coaching calls to ensure that they are correctly applying what they’ve learned from you without engaging with them in real time. Also due to the social nature of Mindcrumb, students will be able to follow each other’s journal entries to stay motivated and willing to challenge themselves to continue learning new techniques rather than remaining at the same level for the entirety of their learning journey.

I am too popular and have a lot of students. How would I protect myself from having more students than I can handle sign up for my monthly coaching tiers?

You can limit the maximum number of students in each tier and you can adjust the prices at any time as you see fit.

I’m looking for an LMS (learning management system) to track my students' progress. Is Mindcrumb the right choice for me?

Yes! Mindcrumb provides all the features of any modern LMS without the cost and hassle for setup for both the teachers and students. We even pride ourselves to having the most beautiful interface amongst all LMSs, not to mention a personal concierge for every coach or teacher on Mindcrumb who can assist you every step of the way.

I don’t want my content or courses to be leaked on other student journey pages that are publicly accessible! How does Mindcrumb protect against that from happening?

Fear not, we take the privacy and secrecy of your teachings very seriously! Despite the fact that we allow students to control the visibility of their journeys (i.e. private or public). Public journeys that track some of your premium content (e.g. assignments) will only show your content to other students who have paid for it. As a matter of fact, students who don’t have access to the assignments will see a promotional message to your content and a link that redirects to your membership purchase page which helps you passively attract more students.


What is Mindcrumb’s mission and why was it created?

Mindcrumb’s mission is to make coaching and learning more personalized and accessible to anyone. Check out the About page for more details.

Why is it called Mindcrumb?

One of the core ideas behind Mindcrumb is that learning is easier and less intimidating when we are able to trace some of the footsteps of other experts whom we trust. The name mindcrumb replaces the word ‘mind’ in ‘breadcrumb’ where a breadcrumb trail was used in the story of Hansel and Gretel to help the heroes find their way back home. At Mindcrumb we want to help everyone navigate their way on the learning map!

What is the difference between a mindcrumb and a journey?

A journey is a sequence of related mindcrumbs. A mindcrumb is an individual journal entry that chronicle a user’s experience on a specific learning or life journey. You will need to start a new journey in order to enter your mindcrumbs.

How do I use tags or labels to filter my mindcrumb entries?

Tags are very simple to use and they can be placed in any mindcrumb entry by dropping a ‘#’ sign before the tag’s name. You can define your own tags that are unique to your journey. Tags are most useful when you are consistent with using them, for example if you wanted to track all the lessons you’ve learned in a journey, then make sure to continually type #lesson in any relevant paragraphs of your mindcrumb entries. Check out the Quick Tutorial for more details on how to do so.

I have a few ideas to improve the site, can I share them?

Absolutely, and we love you for doing that! Mindcrumb is constantly growing and we want to do our best to make it very helpful to your learning journeys without getting in your way. Please check out our contact page.