What is Mindcrumb’s mission and why was it created?

Mindcrumb’s mission is to map everyone’s learning journeys in order to personalize and simplify the learning process. Check out the About page for more details. Also check out this blog post for the inspiration behind Mindcrumb.

Why is it called Mindcrumb?

One of the core ideas behind Mindcrumb is that learning is easier and less intimidating when we are able to trace some of the footsteps of other experts whom we trust. The name mindcrumb replaces the word ‘mind’ in ‘breadcrumb’ where a breadcrumb trail was used in the story of Hansel and Gretel to help the heroes find their way back home. At Mindcrumb we want to help everyone navigate their way on the learning map!

What is the difference between a mindcrumb and a journey?

A journey is a sequence of related mindcrumbs. A mindcrumb is an individual journal entry that chronicle a user’s experience on a specific learning or life journey. You will need to start a new journey in order to enter your mindcrumbs.

How do I use tags or labels to filter my mindcrumb entries?

Tags are very simple to use and they can be placed in any mindcrumb entry by dropping a ‘#’ sign before the tag’s name. You can define your own tags that are unique to your journey. Tags are most useful when you are consistent with using them, for example if you wanted to track all the lessons you’ve learned in a journey, then make sure to continually type #lesson in any relevant paragraphs of your mindcrumb entries. Check out the Quick Tutorial for more details on how to do so.

I have a few ideas to improve the site, can I share them?

Absolutely, and we love you for doing that! Mindcrumb is still a growing platform and we want to do our best to make it very helpful to your learning journeys without getting in your way. Please check out our contact page.