Student Tutorial and Demo

What is a Mindcrumb?

A mindcrumb is a daily journal entry for capturing your up-to-date thoughts on a specific journey toward learning a certain skill or embarking on a new life experience.

Use it to de-clutter your mind, track your progress, and systematically experiment with new strategies to advance on that journey. Mindcrumbs are smart and they will get smarter the more you keep up with your journaling routine.

How to Create a Mindcrumb?

In order to input your mindcrumbs you’ll first need to create a new journey. Click on the “Start a New Journey” button in the “My Journeys” tab above. If you already have a journey, then just navigate there by clicking on the same “My Journeys” tab.

Click on the "Enter a New Mindcrumb" text box on your journey page in order to create a new mindcrumb. You can include rich text, links, images, videos, and tags (see next section) in your mindcrumb.

How to Use Tags for Systematic Filtering?

#tags allow you to explicitly label individual paragraphs of a mindcrumb. This makes it possible to search for all mindcrumbs relating to a specific theme (e.g. #sticking_issue) in order to measure your progress or notice any recurring negative patterns in that area. Adding a tag is as simple as preceding a single word with the hashtag symbol ('#') in your mindcrumb. The following is an example of how to use tags in a hypothetical “Dancing Journey”:

One recurring #sticking_issue that has been frustrating me lately is figuring out how to stay on beat when executing spinning moves.

Today I hit a new #milestone! I finally managed to dance a whole song without repeating any moves twice. Doing nightly dance drills has proved effective after all! #habit

The first paragraph in the example above will be labeled with the #sticking_issue tag. The second paragraph will be labeled with the #milestone and #habit tags. As a result, filtering through the #habit tag will include the second paragraph along with similarly tagged paragraphs in other mindcrumbs. You can perform such filtering by clicking the magnifier icon next to the "All Mindcrumbs" tab or by clicking on any visible #tags when browsing through a journey page.

How to Edit the Milestones Timeline?

Mindcrumb paragraphs with the #milestone tag will automatically appear on the milestones timeline.

What About my Privacy?

No one can see your mindcrumbs unless you mark your journey as public. You can change the privacy of your journeys any time by visiting your profile page. Simply click on the user icon in the menu bar above.