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A never-ending journey to get better at (statistical) programming and data visualization. Milestones I'm currently working towards: - Learn and practice the purrr package in R - Analyze / visualize something interesting and useful - Make R video tutorials - Learn R/Tableau integration

Huge #workflow #insights today - code in RMD, knit to word and then work on it in googledocs. Especially if getting error messages you don't want to deal with. Use eval=F which just prints the code rather than running it. #worksmart

#broke_through - know how to do what I want so now I’m going to practice Datensparsamkeit and just pull the information I need/actually want to use.

Time for the fun part -asking questions!!

Today I learned/practiced purrr and working with lists 

I got #stumped when I tried doing the same thing from the practice exercise with my real dataset. So the real learning ended up being about inspecting list elements. 

In the practice list, the “name” column/element just had one value - the person’s name. In my list, the “sub.section” element had multiple values. 

So I suppose I can feel #proud that I #diagnosed the issue. 

Next, onto a solution!

I’m doing a little mid-year review of 2018. I’m proud of myself for a successful first independent consulting project, though I know there was a lot of luck mixed in there. 

Thinking about #lessons and takeaways, etc

  • I should have noted the date I pulled the data
  • I like the contract/invoice template I put together, though next time I’d certainly use it earlier
  • The project took a lot more time than I estimated 
  • It was good that they had design and communications expertise, but I should build up my referral/affiliate network as well
  • If I write out an outline or calculations on paper, use scannable to bring into OneNote/googledocs 
This is my first Mindcrumb entry in this journey!
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