Journeys in Drawing Pointy Art (Free)

In this video, I'll show you my methods for approaching hair.

In this video, I show you how I think about basic shapes when starting to draw bodies to make them look more appealing.

In this video, I explain how I think about designing faces, and why I don't really use the generic head guidelines anymore, but prefer to draw based on anatomical relationships.

In this video, I attempt to explain why I think considering shapes is a vital component to creating good compositions.

In this episode, Flavia and I show and talk about some Art Identity Boards we made that helped us better visualize what kind of art we want to create.

In this episode of EMP, I explain the process I used to create some promotional artwork for the game 'The Padre'.

This is the fifteenth episode in the Pointy Chins series.

In this video, I try and walk you through a bit of my thought process, as I create an image using reference. 

In this video I talk about why it's important to try to make sure your drawings are done with your attention on accuracy and making things look correct, as opposed to being fast but sloppy. It's something I struggle with myself too, so hopefully it helps someone.

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